2012 - 2020 Visiting Professor for Philosophy/Aesthetics und Theories of Contemporary Art at Braunschweig University of Art
2007-2010 Assistant Professor at the Collaborative Research Centre Aesthetic Experience and the Dissolution of Artistic Limits of FU Berlin as part of the project The Intermedial Transgression of Boundaries between "High" and "Low" Art: On the Sociology of Aesthetic Experience"
since 2004 Scholar of Cultural Studies at the Humboldt University, Berlin
2004 Venia legendi of Cultural Studies at the Humboldt University, Berlin
Habilitation Thesis: Rassismus der Intelligenz. Zur Genealogie des biosozialen Wissens im 19. Jahrhundert
(transl. Racism of Intelligence. About the Genealogy of bio-social knowledge in the 19th century)
2000-2002 Post-doctoral Fellowship of DFG
1997-2002 Lectureships at different universities
1996-1997 Fellowship of DAAD at Maison de Science de l'Homme, Paris
1994 PhD in Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences I at FU Berlin
1991-1993 Maître de Langue in Philosophy and German studies at École Normale Supérieure Fontenay/St. Cloud, Paris
1987 M.A. in Philosopy and Art History at the FU Berlin